May 1, 2017


Saturday 1st April

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Tony Watson (22.54), Peter Higgins (23.25), Gavin Imrie (24.24), Yvonne Walker (27.13), Mary Allieu (28.23), Geraldine Mattis (46.27).

Finsbury Park Parkrun 5k.

Louis Smyth (26.58), Ellen Smyth (28.26).

Harrow Parkrun 5k.


May 1, 2017

Well, as the biggest day in the Sudbury calendar, Run Wembley, races up on us, time to bring you up to date on what has been a busy month for the club.

As well as our usual Parkrun exploits (including our annual Mob Match with QPH), members have taken on three marathons...

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