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So, as a number of members 'fine tune' their preparations for Spring marathons, with Tracey first out of the blocks at London in a couple of weeks time, and we gird our loins for the first of this year's club handicap races, time to cast an eye back on what we were up to during March.

With limited activity elsewhere, will start with Parkrun this time round. In all, members clocked up twenty-four different parkruns over the month with no fewer than seven new venues added to our ever expanding 'hit list' courtesy of Tracey (Coldham's Common/Soham Village College), Ellen (Roma Pineto : our first European venture for a while), Tony (Beckenham Place), Hsiang-Ju (Hackney Marshes), Gavin (Hanworth), and, last but not least, Kuljit (Watermead Country Park). Sadly, continuing works meant there were no runs possible in Canons Park with the park's 'regulars' having to seek their weekly fix a little further afield,  principally at Rickmansworth and Gladstone Park where the month's five runs saw an average attendance of 258, a figure boosted by a turnout of 313 on the 16th coinciding with a Mob Match between QPH and Ealing Eagles (result unknown, though I'm sure John can enlighten us!).

Away from the parks meanwhile, the 17th saw Yvonne and Sofia in Portugal for the Lisbon Superhalf Half Marathon whilst Tony headed back to his old stomping ground of Leith Hill to cover the same distance. The following Sunday then saw Mark and I enjoying the sea breeze on the South coast, taking in the Bournemouth Bay Run 10k., before Sofia rounded things off at the Kew Gardens 10k. on the 30th.

Leaving the sporting action aside, I'm pleased, though not at all surprised, to say there was an excellent turnout for Jean's funeral at Ruislip on the 13th, and delighted that the fund for a park bench in her memory at "Jean's Corner" at Gladstone Park has already passed its original target, the excess to be donated to Jean's preferred charities, The Salvation Army and the RNLI.

On the home front meanwhile, Tony having obtained tickets for the club for England's Women's European Championship qualifying game against Sweden at Wembley on April 5th through the Wembley Community Club ballot, our quiz night has been put back to Friday 24th May.

Well, as they say, it never rains but it pours, and sadly March brought further bad news for the club with the passing of one of our founder (later honorary) members Bob Davidson (who longer standing members will recall with affection) at the age of 93. Bob had been in poor health for a good while, and in a care home for a number of years. A first claim member of Serpentine, Bob was a regular member of the Tuesday night group that ran out of Vale Farm Sports Centre and eventually 'spawned' Sudbury Court, and still holds our club MV75 5 mile record having run 48.32 at Amersham in 2006.

Well, think that's about covers things for this time except to give a very warm welcome to the club to our latest recruit, Kuljit.

Next Month: The London Marathon, the first handicap, and much much more.....


Coldham's Common Parkrun 5k.

Tracey Nobbs (32.54).

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Tony Watson (25.32), Chetan Khatry (29.19), Louis Smyth (29.24).

Harrow Parkrun 5k.

Liz Abrahams (28.37), Lise Flanagan (35.32), Mark Mulvenna (44.44), David Heathcote (45.35), Hsiang-Ju Lin (45.36).

Valentine's Parkrun 5k.

Gavin Imrie (23.38).

Saturday 9th March

Beckton Parkrun 5k.

Martin Garrett (29.41).

Finsbury Park Parkrun 5k.

Gavin Imrie (23.57).

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Tony Watson (23.54), Peter Higgins (27.33), Siobhan Wilby (34.59).

Harrow Parkrun 5k.

Daniel Smith (21.05), Hsiang-Ju Lin (36.28).

Northala Fields Parkrun 5k.

Mark Mulvenna (41.38).

Rickmansworth Parkrun 5k.

Lise Flanagan (29.50).

Roma Pineto Parkrun 5k.

Ellen Smyth (31.28).

Soham Village College Parkrun 5k.

Tracey Nobbs (30.36).

Saturday 16th March

Aldenham Parkrun 5k.

Gavin Imrie (28.50), Mark Mulvenna (45.32).

Beckenham Place Parkrun 5k.

Tony Watson (26.20).

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Chetan Khatry (28.06), Martin Garrett (29.17), John Walerych (33.33), Hsiang-Ju Lin (37.04), Tricia Edwards (37.04) 

Gorleston Cliffs Parkrun 5k.

Tracey Nobbs (30.10).

Harrow Parkrun 5k.

Kuljit Tara (32.15).

Highbury Fields Parkrun 5k.

Ellen Smyth (23.07).

Penryhn Parkrun 5k.

Liz Abrahams (26.28).

Rickmansworth Parkrun 5k.

Lise Flanagan (29.59).

Sunday 17th March

Lisbon Half Marathon

Yvonne Walker (2.12.08), Sofia Ali (2.41.08).

Leith Hill Half Marathon

Tony Watson (2.19.10).

Saturday 23rd March

Alton Water Parkrun 5k.

Tracey Nobbs (31.28).

Bournemouth Parkrun 5k.

Martin Garrett (29.45).

Catford Parkrun 5k.

Tony Watson (25.05).

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Peter Higgins (26.29), Liz Abrahams (27.56), Chetan Khatry (28.10), Claire Cook (30.35), John Walerych (32.44), Sofia Ali (36.27), Hsiang-Ju Lin (37.07), Tricia Edwards (37.07), Sue Boucher (38.42).

Kingston Parkrun 5k.

Gavin Imrie (32.10).

Rickmansworth Parkrun 5k.

Lise Flanagan (43.01).

Watermead Country Park Parkrun 5k.

Kuljit Tara (30.07).

Sunday 24th March

Bournemouth Bay Run 10k.

Martin Garrett (1.10.34), Mark Mulvenna (1.26.34).

Saturday 30th March

Chilton Fields Parkrun 5k.

Tracey Nobbs (33.01).

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Tony Watson (23.31), Chetan Khatry (27.37), Kuljit Tara (29.45), Peter Higgins (30.06), John Walerych (33.09), Sue Boucher (38.03).

Hackney Marshes Parkrun 5k.

Hsiang-Ju Lin (32.18) 

Harrow Parkrun 5k.

Siobhan Wilby (35.54).

Rickmansworth Parkrun 5k 

Liz Abrahams (25.55), Claire Cook (28.23), Lise Flanagan (29.44), Tricia Edwards (34.37).

Victoria Dock Parkrun 5k.

Martin Garrett (27.37).

Kew Gardens 10k.

Sofia Ali (1.09.19).


Upcoming Events

London Marathon
Sunday, 21st April

Watford Mencap 10k & 1k Fun Run
Monday, 6th May

Pednor 5 (Miles)
Monday, 6th May, 7pm

Ealing Eagles 10k
Saturday, 11th May

Edinburgh Marathon & Half
Sunday, 26th May

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