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Obviously slipping back into bad habits, as for the second month in a row, I'm starting the update with apologies, this time to Sue Boucher for missing her new FV75 club 5k. record of 43.13 set at Gladstone Park on the 25th of March. Sorry Sue!

So, having got that out of the way, despite a plethora of new club records, and parkrun milestones, there's really only one place I can start April's review, and that's with our herculean marathon efforts!

Pride of place has to go to Yvonne, who, struggling from an early stage of the race, dug in to finish the Boston Marathon in just over six hours on the 17th to become our first member to complete the full set of six Marathon Majors (Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York and Tokyo): a magnificent achievement.

Six days after Yvonne's 'American adventure', it was the turn of Hsiang-Ju, Liz and Sofia to take on the iconic 26.2 Mile distance, pounding the somewhat damp streets of London in the company of nigh on 50,000 others. As with Yvonne, I think it's safe to say that our "terrific trio" didn't find things exactly plain sailing (if you haven't seen it yet, ask Hsiang-Ju to show you her video!), but all put in inspirational performances with Hsiang-Ju first home in an impressive 3.48.32, shaving thirteen seconds off Julie Newstead's previous club record, and Sofia raising over £2,500 for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in memory of her late brother Adam. Pleased to say, Bill O'Connor (QPH) maintained his ever-present record, finishing in 5.57.59. Still a 'magnificent seven' who have done every race, officially, I understand (though two did the run 'virtually' this year!). As for our club forecasting competition, congratulations to Tony whose estimate of 14 hours 36 minutes for the cumulative time of our three runners was less than a minute off the actual 14.35.11.

Away from the marathons meanwhile, the month also saw members taking in a half marathon, a 10k., a track 5k., and a mile festival.

Mark and I kicked off proceedings on the South coast on the 2nd, enjoying the sea breeze for the Bournemouth Bay Run 10k. on the 2nd, before Tony, Adrian, and Claire headed to the Harrow School Track on the 8th for the latest event in Metros' 5k. challenge series. The 29th then saw seven members at Perivale for Ealing Eagles' track mile festival, before Chetan rounded things off at the Worthing Half the following day.

Hats off to Rob McTaggart who won the 10k. in Bournemouth in 34.34 before doubling up to win the half marathon race which immediately followed, in 1.14.19! History meanwhile was made at Perivale, where no fewer than five club records were set: Harriet (7.47), Finian (9.02), and Tricia (9.07) all posting first time marks in their respective categories,  whilst Hsiang-Ju (7.01) obliterated Geraldine Mattis's previous FV40 record, and Liz (after an anxious wait to receive her time following a mix up over the number she was allocated!) lowered her own FV55 record to 7.25.

Moving on to Parkrun, over the month we took in no fewer than eighteen different venues (with Rendlesham Forest and Chilton Fields (Tracey) and The Great Field (Siobhan) added to our ever-expanding roster) notching up three notable landmarks along the way, whilst Sue Boucher rewrote her own club record three times (eventually bringing it down to 37.14, at Gladstone Park, on the 22nd). First out of the blocks, as far as the landmarks were concerned, was Tracey who ran her 100th, at Canons Park, on the 8th, before Peter (300), and Sue Davison (50) got to don the milestone runner green vests at Gladstone on the 29th when 297 runners turned up to celebrate the 500th run in NW10 (balloons, but no cake sadly!).

On the home front meanwhile, the 18th saw 14 runners toe the line for the club's first handicap race of the year with Claire leading the field home running a big PB (the secret with PBs is little, and often, Claire!) With Trish and Adrian hot on her heels, and Deepak, running as scratch, fourth. In time honoured fashion we then retired to the clubhouse for pizza (and alcohol of course!). Pity the handicap didn't tie in with Ruth Jackson's flying visit, but it was good to welcome her back for a run on the 25th before she headed back over the Pond.

Away from our athletic endeavours, the 16th saw our slightly pared down quiz squad (Pam, Tony, Trish, myself plus debutants Claire and Adrian), under the guise of "Keep On Running", back in action at " The Windermere" for a charity quiz night in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Twelve teams in contention, and I think it came as a surprise to us all that we emerged victorious. Even better, the prize was a free drink on the house each!

Well, think that about covers things for this time except to plug our two upcoming parkrun mob matches ( v Ruislip, at Harrow, on the 20th of May, and Watford Joggers, at South Oxhey, on the 10th of June) and the first Summer League fixture, at Headstone Rec. on the 18th of June, and to give a warm welcome to our latest recruit, Denis Fogarty (who I note was also out and about for the London Marathon, clocking a time of 5.39.26)!

Next Month: The Pednor 5, Watford 10k., and much, much more.......


Saturday 1st April

Harrow Parkrun 5k.

Harriet Kelly (27.12), Daniel Smith (31.00), Anna Gorecki (31.00), Hsiang-Ju Lin (34.33).

Bournemouth Parkrun 5k.

Martin Garrett (51.05).

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Peter Higgins (25.52), Chetan Khatry (27.04), Adewale Adenigbagbe (31.37),Sofia Ali (32.56), John Walerych (34.51), Sue Boucher (39.18)NCR

Preston Park Parkrun (Brighton) 5k.

Tony Watson (24.01).

Canons Park Parkrun 5k..

Liz Abrahams (26.38), Claire Cook (30.28), Sue Davison (31.54), Tricia Edwards (36.54).

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5k.

Gavin Imrie (25.56).

Rendlesham Forest Parkrun 5k.

Tracey Nobbs (32.24).

Sunday 2nd April

Bournemouth Bay Run 10k.

Martin Garrett (55.42), Mark Mulvenna (1.03.03).

Saturday 8th April

Harrow Parkrun 5k.

Daniel Smith (19.54), Anna Gorecki (29.49).

Hampstead Heath Parkrun 5k.

Molly Smyth (25.49).

Oak Hill Parkrun 5k.

Gavin Imrie (22.55).

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Martin Garrett (26.21), Sue Boucher (37.40)NCR, John Walerych (37.55).

Canons Park Parkrun 5k.

Liz Abrahams (26.23), Sue Davison (30.29), Tracey Nobbs (32.11), Hsiang-Ju Lin (32.11), Tricia Edwards (34.43), Lise Flanagan (37.12), David Heathcote (1.01.11).

Claremorris Parkrun 5k.

Louis Smyth (28.12).

The Great Field Parkrun (Dorchester) 5k.

Siobhan Wilby (32.42).

Metros Track 5k (Harrow)

Tony Watson (23.13), Adrian Cook (23.27), Claire Cook (28.46).

Saturday 15th April

Harrow Parkrun 5k.

Martin Garrett (27.08), Deepak Thaper (28.25).

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Tony Watson (25.22), Peter Higgins (25.54), Chetan Khatry (26.50), Sofia Ali (33.35), John Walerych (37.02).

Canons Park Parkrun 5k.

Liz Abrahams (25.54), Sue Davison (31.41), Siobhan Wilby (33.58), Tricia Edwards (35.42), Lise Flanagan (36.28).

Osterley Parkrun 5k.

Gavin Imrie (22.39).

Claremorris Parkrun 5k.

Louis Smyth (27.58).

Itchen Valley Country Parkrun 5k.

Hsiang-Ju Lin (37.04).

Chilton Fields Parkrun 5k.

Tracey Nobbs (33.12).

Monday 17th April

Boston Marathon

Yvonne Walker (6.05.35).

Saturday 22nd April

Harrow Parkrun 5k.

Ryan Thompson (29.39).

Ipswich Parkrun 5k.

Tracey Nobbs (31.19).

Mile End Parkrun 5k.

Molly Smyth (27.07).

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Peter Higgins (25.26), Sue Boucher (37.14)NCR, John Walerych (37.15).

Barking Parkrun 5k.

Tony Watson (23.57).

Canons Park Parkrun 5k.

Martin Garrett (26.11), Siobhan Wilby (32.38), Tricia Edwards (34.01), Mark Mulvenna (35.32), Hsiang-Ju Lin (48.11), Liz Abrahams (48.13).

Clitheroe Castle Parkrun 5k.

Ruth Jackson (33.51).

Sunday 23rd April

London Marathon

Hsiang-Ju Lin (3.48.32)NCR, Liz Abrahams (4.42.28), Sofia Ali (6.04.11).

Saturday 29th April

Gladstone Park Parkrun 5k.

Gavin Imrie (24.14), Tony Watson (24.27), Peter Higgins (25.10), Chetan Khatry (26.39), Martin Garrett (27.49), Louis Smyth (29.41), Claire Cook (30.10), Ryan Thompson (31.00), Sue Davison (32.07), John Walerych (33.49), Lise Flanagan (36.20), HsiangJu Lin (37.30), Sue Boucher (37.35), Tricia Edwards (45.23), Mark Mulvenna (46.04), Liz Abrahams (46.30).

Ealing Eagles Track Mile Festival

Hsiang-Ju Lin (7.01)NCR, Liz Abrahams (7.25)NCR, Harriet Kelly (7.47)NCR, Louis Smyth (7.53), Finian Kelly (9.02)NCR, Tricia Edwards (9.07)NCR, Sue Davison (9.41).

Sunday 30th April

Worthing Half Marathon

Chetan Khatry (2.04.28).


Upcoming Events

Saturday 13th May
5K Trophy Run Broxbourne Park

Tuesday 16th May
Handicap No2
Cricket Club

Saturday 20th May
Mob Match v Ruislip Runners
Harrow parkrun

Saturday 10th June
Mob Match v Watford Joggers
South Oxhey parkrun

Sunday 11th June
Weald 50k Challenge and Trail Half Marathon
Lewes, Sussex

Summer League
18th June Harrow
2nd July Perivale
9th July Dulwich
30th July Regents Park
13th August Battersea

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