Sudbury Court Running Club is a local road running club situated in the Wembley area of North West London. We meet on Tuesdays and Thursday at 7pm for a 7.20 start. Tuesdays are best for people who are new runners as we have a social run at a very steady pace. We encourage people to get involved in running at any level, serious, pleasure or just interested in getting fit or healthy. 


Dear All,

there has been clear social distancing advice for everyone, specifically advising against social mixing in the community (e.g. at the cinema, theatre, pubs, restaurants etc.).

As a club we feel that organised runs should not go ahead for the time being.  This is in the health and safety interests of our members.

Therefore, our organised runs are postponed until further notice.

Yvonne Walker


We understand if people want to run and to run with friends. Please do not use Sudbury Court email or social media groups if you are going to do this.

However, we also know that running supports people's mental health as well as their physical health, so please do keep in touch to support each other during this time.


Sudbury Court Running Club in the Time of Coronavirus



Although the club has had to suspend normal activities, that does not mean that our members have not been busy.  While many of us are still working, either from home or elsewhere, we have still found time for running and running-related activities while continuing to follow all social distancing guidelines.


Obviously there’s no park runs or races as such to report on but there have been a few things happening:


 - some people have done virtual races such as the Adidas 1 hr challenge and Race at Your Pace challenges, as well as the Hurricane 80k challenge and multi-day marathon challenges


 - and then of course, just before the lockdown started, there were the Cyprus unofficial runs






 - most members have been running and enjoying games of  ‘spot the Wembley arch’ on WhatsApp and eg find St Georges flag on a run or references to Shakespeare on his birthday


 - some people have been doing the park run quiz on a Saturday morning with yours truly on a current PB of 12 out of 15


 - pilates for runners has gone virtual - thanks Sofia for helping us to keep flexible



 - last but by no means least the Handicap has gone virtual and produced a nail-biting finish with Simona taking first place, closely followed by Mark G and Yogi.  This was a real highlight of the last few weeks and many thanks to Mark M and David for organising


 - oh and some people have been drawing pictures with their runs on Strava especially Xiang Ru who did a dinosaur, a rabbit and a duck (or was it a swan?) 




 … and we’ve all been trying to stay positive in this crazy lockdown world!!    



Run responsibly, stay safe and support the NHS, now and in the future.

New to running or interested in joining?
Thinking of joining a running club? Membership works out at less than 80p a week. This includes changing facilities and showers. Take that step and see the difference in your running.
We host new runners nights every Tuesday and anyone is welcome to come along as there will always be experienced runners happy to help you out.
We meet at Wembley and Sudbury Tennis and Squash Club, Sylvester Road, Wembley, HA0 3AB

"I successfully completed the London Marathon on Sunday for St Luke's Hospice raising just under £6k.  It was an incredible day and I an so grateful for the support you and the group gave me to achieve this goal." - Neel Radia

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